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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The first time.

One day I was in a casual discussion with him.  He asked me what my deepest dream was...after listing all my goals and aspirations, I told him that I wish I was in a long-term relationship with someone special.  I told him about how I once slow-danced with a boy (I was very proud of that accomplishment). That discussion happened months before anything even started.

The first time he approached me, he reminded me of our talk.  He then told me about how I was so special and how he had never met anyone as mature as me at my age...in fact, he told me I was even more mature than some adults he knew.  He told me I was different from everyone else and that Allah had blessed me. He then asked me if he could give me a hug.

...this was my thought process at that time: a) I've done this before; b) I don't want him to be embarrassed if I say no; and c) I don't want to say no in case he becomes upset. I like his company. 

And so it happened. A hug that must have lasted no more than 15 seconds.  It felt like an eternity.

Over the next while he continued to tell me that he envisions me to be a leader for Muslim women around the world one day.  That I was unique and that Allah gifted me with special things. Hearing these words made me feel special. I loved Allah and I loved Islam and I wanted to be doing good for the religion somehow. I also grew more attached to him - his faith in me amazed me.

He planted a seed..and I am ever grateful for that.  But what about that hug?

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  1. I feel like what he did was taking advantage of your youth, of your innocence, of your need to belong, to be valued (an inherent need we all possess). We all need to feel special, cared for, valued, loved. But he took advantage of you.