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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No one needs to tell you.

My friend just found out she was not accepted into the PhD program she applied to. She was sure she would get in. I was sure for her. The other day I wanted to donate blood. I was rejected. They said I had low iron in my blood. The first thought that came into my head was 'I know my blood is good. I do not need a machine to tell me whether my blood is worthy or not'.

In the same light, you do not need anyone to tell you what you already know about yourself. To my friend...I know she is a scholar - a scholar and a half! No program needs to tell her that. She should know it...and deep inside she does know it - I know she does. No one should have to tell us we are beautiful on the outside for reassurance...because deep inside we know we are beautiful. No one needs to remind or dictate to us how pious or close to God we are...because deep inside we know where we stand when it comes to our spirituality. No one needs to validate that we are being wronged when we are wronged...because if we feel we are, then we are. Our hearts know.

Mirror mirror on the wall...I do not need you to tell me anything. The most honest of opinions come from deep within you - no sugar-coating and no exaggeration. You know. Know yourself.

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