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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


When I come back to this blog, it reminds me of the ebb and flow of waves...I come usually when I feel I need to.

I got an email today from Al Maghbrib Institute - an organization that is both an Islamic education institute and one that offers development training, amongst other things. They will be holding a seminar soon called Threads of Hope, and it is inspired by the story of Prophet Yusuf, Prophet Joseph in English, on how through studying his life, we can take many lessons.

Today Mohamed Al Shareef - the founder - sent this short 5-minute video: http://www.facebook.com/nationbuilder.prime

The message in the email was:
The touch felt...
What was it? She asked herself

She started

Would you like to know how the life of Prophet Yusuf relates to this situation?

Its ironic that I got this email right now. I saw his face in my dreams today...its because I saw pics of him yesterday. He looks exactly the same - forever young. The family have gone on a trip together (2 different families). Again his face in my dream was that of someone sad - as if remorseful. But yesterday, as I saw my cousins in the pictures (young girls in their middle to late teens), I wondered - just wondered - whether he was at it again.

The lesson from the life of Prophet Yusuf - announce it! Let it be known...speak to someone...hold the person accountable. I wonder if I ought to? Whether I should. Whether I can.


  1. Listen to your conscience. Do what is best for your health, not for your comfort.

  2. I wrote this poem for you.

    "Uninspired or How to Write Poetry When You'd Rather Not"

    Consider the ill will you feel
    for yourself
    that festers, a wound that will not heal,
    something to do with your beginnings.

    Look at that child, the whole seed, you,
    and the adults, the men and women who you met first and they you
    with all their festering wounds,
    no hats in hands,
    no apologies, they were here on the same terms as you,
    barely had a peek under their own scabs,
    until they were digging too deep,
    in your full view,
    picking and tearing,
    like long before you arrived.

    All children in pain.

    Such is the legacy.
    Now heal it.

  3. are you worried he may be doing it to a young relative of yours now or one day? if yes, then to be honest a certain responsibility of yours to prevent what may be happening cannot be denied... you know, had the french lady dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape 9 years ago told the police, a marginalized black african muslim asylum seeker may not have had to endure a sexual assault and now potential defamation and sensationalism in the media, drastically speaking.
    on the other hand, a "family whistleblower" takes high risks of marginalization and defamation , "victim blaming" etc among his or her loved ones... so no one could judge you morally for not carrying that burden. that would be entirely your choice to make.